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We are a group of talented engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We at Citriot provide cross domain expertise in AI, IIoT and Machine Learning technologies.

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CITRIOT is involved in developing customized cross-domain products and solutions for seamlessly integrating the digital world and the industrial world through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform. ​
IIoT implementation not only enhances output through better resource utilization but also improves overall system efficiency, leading to a greater degree of products and services meeting the requisite specifications.

Future Ready

With various sensors and our analytics tool, easily remove a product with defects from the production line, thus eliminating the chances of after-market production rejection. ​
Predict, know and locate the fault at your fingertips even before the machine undergoes it. ​
Automated test equipment to check the functionality of the product before sending it to the market.

Industry Ready

We guarantee you better resource and asset utilization with a provision to have a digital twin of the entire plant, therefore providing you a better industrial experience. ​
Transform your industry to a complete digital and eco-friendly one, with automatic and efficient power utilization.
​ Have the entire process data stored at a centralized server and retrieve it anytime for analysis.


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Automation, Industry


Automation, Industry


Automation, Industry


Automation, Home & Office


Inventory Management

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CITRIOT offers a wide-range of services in the Software and Hardware domains.


Data analytics can streamline your operations by giving you more focused and actionable insights that help you continuously fine-tune your production line.

Internet of Things

Manufacturers and industrialists can monitor & automate many of the complex processes involved in manufacturing, every process data is available at your fingertips.


With its decentralized and trust less nature, Blockchain technology can lead to new opportunities and benefit businesses through greater transparency, enhanced security, and easier traceability.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is being employed across several lines and layers of operations, from workforce planning to product design, thus improving efficiency, product quality and employee safety.

Cyber Security

We use our expertise, experience, processes and proven methodologies to safeguard your data.

Quality Engineering Services

Ensuring the best practices, techniques & principles are followed, to give the customers the competitive edge over other market players.


With the help of our diverse and talented team, Citriot accepts and works on many consultancy based projects in a wide range of industries.

Enterprise Applications

Software & tools that provide you with world leading business logic and tools to model your entire business processes to improve productivity and efficiency.

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