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  • Category: Building Management System, Automation
  • Latest Version Date: 01 March, 2020


Auto Power is an Artificial Intelligence powered controlling and prediction device. It is hooked onto any switchboard with minimal efforts, using its easy plug and play architecture, and thereon monitors and understands the electricity usage in that room/ space. Each Auto Power device is capable of controlling any 6 devices connected to it, be it lights, fans, heaters, etc. Devices with any current consumption rating can be controlled without much effort.

  • Can connect up to 20 devices with a single module
  • Custom built mobile application for android
  • Capable of generating an electricity consumption report
  • Easy plug and play architecture & Ergonomic design
  • Real time current monitoring system through the mobile application
  • Multiple user operation through their android devices
  • Automatic power cut-off feature to prevent damage to loads

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