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  • Category: AI, Automation
  • Latest Project Date: 01 March, 2020

Automated Visual Inspection Bench

Inspection is the process of comparing individual manufactured items against some pre-established standard with a view to maintain the quality of manufactured products. The software aspect of this system is built & developed completely on LabVIEW, developed by National Instruments. Since both Hardware and Software are from the same makers, we can assure you a seamless integration between the two. Based on popular demand for this product, we offer 2 varieties of the Inspection Bench, an 'Intelligent' variant & an 'Smart' variant. The bench is customized and built to your requirements. The data can be stored on a separate memory device for further requirements.

  • Cross - domain compatibility
  • Can be modified and tuned to suit any requirements of any type of industry
  • Completely autonomous in operations
  • Incorporates a network of FPGA backed cameras for the vision aspect
  • Image processing accompanied with AI & ML algorithms
  • Option for incorporating pneumatic & conveyor systems
  • Measurement of any kind of parameter on any kind of work-piece can be performed
  • They have been equipped with remote programming and monitoring by default
  • Capable of inspecting a work-piece in 1 - 3 seconds, depending on the work-piece

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