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  • Category: AI, IIoT, Automation
  • Latest Version Date: 01 March, 2020

FireConnect - The intelligent AI IoT Node

Fire – Connect is our flagship product, powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Block Chain algorithms. It is an intelligent node or edge device which actively monitors your machines health. Thanks to its speciality of cross domain adaptability, any genre of industry can utilize the full capabilities of Fire – Connect. It can also host its own web server, suitable for applications where a web server is not established yet.

  • Predictive Monitoring
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Fault localization
  • Cogni-Sense
  • Ensures Optimal Operations
  • Peer to peer Communication
  • Performance Reports
  • Rich & Intuitive GUI

  • Easy & quick ROI
  • Significantly reduces downtime by 80% (Client Proven)
  • Maintenance team can be prepared before hand
  • Increase in profits by around 30% (Client Proven)
  • Cross domain compatibility
  • Generates daily performance reports of the machine it is monitoring
  • Provides notifications during abrupt machine performances

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